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Most striking news according to Wessel van Alphen

09 November 2010 15:40:05

Every Friday someone from the IT-sector looks back at the news items [source: Automatiseringsgids]. This week Wessel van Alphen, general manager IT-Staffing. He selected the messages about the KLM twitter service and about the VVD proposal that broadcasters give up their Internet activities.

IT-Staffing: no attic clearance

11 October 2010 16:51:41

“It cannot be right that if you are unfortunate to have been born in a poor, less developed country, you will be practically economically futureless for the rest of your life?”. According to Wessel van Alphen, general manager of IT-Staffing, companies are better able to distribute wealth than politics, because the latter is bound by borders and has less freedom. “If all companies throughout the world would practice corporate and social responsibility, wealth would be distributed much better. Together we can make it better. I want to put this vision into practice through Viafrica among others”.

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